Gallery, Shows & Events

The Art Kitchen  has moved to a more loosely based collective of folks who like making/art/craft etc. We have some equipment in storage for workshops, demonstrations and outreach but until a group of people want to step up, the communal space will be on hiatus. We have created a google groups for everyone to communicate and make things happen!


We have a gallery space that will rotate on a monthly basis with frequent group and solo shows for members and other exciting artists from Alabama and beyond. Our main goal for this space is to exhibit conceptual, progressive and finely crafted works and we look forward to your submissions.

If you would like to be put on a mailing list for our openings and other events please email:

Shows & Events
The Kitchen hosts readings and music shows along with fundraisers and smaller member events such as craft nights and potlucks.
Please contact us if you are interested in having a show or event at the Kitchen.

The gallery is open from Thursday-Saturday 4-9 pm or by appointment and the space is open to members Wednesday-Thursday from 1-9 pm and Saturday and Sunday 10-9 pm.

The Alabama Art Kitchen · 2626 University Blvd. Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

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  • I am a poet that has lived in T town, and wanders around the country. I wrote this and posted it on the Internet, If you object, let me know, but you might get some contributions.

    The Alabama Art Kitchen Collective Dream

    From the HeArt of Tuscaloosa, Alabama comes an American artists dream,
    Young artists starting an Art Collective in a Victorian era 1890 home.
    Youthful entrepreneurs enriching the culture of Alabama dreamscapes
    That renovated this house with dedicated repairs bringing love’s homecoming,

    Grand opening of the Alabama Art Kitchen showcase of the HeArt of T Town,
    Place where the art is all around with a spirit of creative artistic achievement,
    Where individuals can display their works and have workshops downtown
    To add to the Bama Theatre’s cosmopolitan sophistication of enlightenment.

    That the Artmosphere of Tuscaloosa and the University of Alabama HeArt
    Is the talented people that comprise the areas diverse creative environment,
    Where people can come and visit this homes artistic evolving heartbeats,
    And please support them with any needs to keep this miracle acquirement.

    Tuscaloosa News article:

    David Lester Young 10/01/10 poem on Internet.

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