Killick Friday 9/23 Experimental Music Show!

September 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

This show is going to be incredible. His work is amazing.

Quote from the artist himself:
I’ve been making music for 26 years. I find myself more and more moving deeper into music as a mystical, ritualistic, sacred vehicle for finding stillness. My worldly experience keeps me tethered- thankfully- as I navigate with you the ethereal unknown. There’s always three parts to this journey: 1) welcome; 2) spatialization & discontinuity; 3) safe return. This can take many forms, and embodies all possibilities in multiple directions on multiple planes. I use my 18-stringed H’arpeggione & 38-stringed harp guitar Big Red as the anchors around which all else (r)evolves. I use equal parts physicality, emotionality, intellect, and spiritual openness, finding calm in freneticism, extracting ecstatic joy from pure potential. I use my intuition to create the conditions for moving beyond the mundane into the realm of healing, to benefit ourselves and all we reach. Of course, this hasn’t addressed “what it sounds like” or “what style is it?” The answer is constantly unfolding, but can be summed up as “Yes.” Thanks for listening.

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