Paper Beater and a New Floor!

October 18, 2010 § 2 Comments

We’ve got some images of our process of reflooring the kitchen of the Kitchen (if you look at the older post you can see they dry rotted floor.) Unfortunately, since the house was built in the 1890s as soon as we tried to fix one problem we found 8 more! Luckily we all worked really hard and got things fixed! We first tore up the first layer of linoleum to find one more, then another, then plywood… and when we tore up the plywood we found… more linoleum! and one more layer and then a final layer of plywood until we found the rotted hardwood then sub-floor. Unfortunately there was only about a foot square of the original wood that wasn’t rotten so we had to take it all out. Then we found the tops of the joists were rotted as well! So we had to scab onto the joists full planks all the way across. While we were under the floor we reinforced the floor under the press (thanks Mark, Trevor, Allison, and Claire for doing such dirty work!), which was difficult because there was only about a foot and a half clearance between the dirt and the floor (no basement in this home!). We also insulated the pipes, made sure the wiring looked okay and bundled them, fixed some leaky pipes, and insulated under the floor!  It was a ton of work and we had some wonderful help! Thank you so much deeply to everyone who helped out (especially Greg and Mark who were there through thick and thin! and as you can tell from the picture it wasn’t always fun…). We ended up finishing it by laying birch plywood, staining, and shellac-ing (which is a tree based finish).

But doesn’t it look great?! Stop by and see it!

We also have an awesome new show up Rebecca Reynolds with beautiful woodcuts and linoleum. The show is up until November!




We also got a paper beater moved from the woods of Gordo, AL (pictures below! and thank you so much Glenn, Butch and the wonderful Craig Wedderspoon) We’re having a huge number of events in November and we’ve posted a calendar (to the left of this post).

§ 2 Responses to Paper Beater and a New Floor!

  • Janis Edwards says:

    cannot view images, cannot find a “click here” enabler. Suggestions? Yeah, I know I should just stop by and look. One of these days!

  • Janis Edwards says:

    Duh—there were the images when I went to post my comment on the website. yay. When I helped renovate a gallery space (mumble mumble) years ago, kinda glad for the cement-type floor. Just needed painting and finishing.

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