Repairing and moving Presses!

September 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

I thought I would share some of the work we’ve had to do since the place was pretty ragged when we moved in. I will post soon with the amazing pictures of the Grand Opening which was fantastic with a huge turnout, great food, and an awesome raffle, not to mention the coolest art in Tuscaloosa!

So here’s a few pictures of the state of things when we started.. pretty gnarly with lovely dry rot and much more!

There’s the rotted out kitchen floor we’re tearing up and restoring with the help of the best floorer ever who has donated his wonderful help.

Then various other photos of the disrepair… Rotted doors, sinking floors, the usual…

Then we started fixing everything!

Of course enjoying ourselves the whole time through all this work!

And then we needed to move a 1300 lb Chandler & Price press for letterpress: As shown in this picture, our first attempt was a little precarious (here’s the press and Claire’s truck, and note the bowing of the boards it is sitting on). The difficulty in moving one of these is that the entire thing is cast iron. So it’s small but heavy and you can really only get 4 people around it to lift/move.

So we called in the “professional”: Butch House who has moved well over 40 presses in his life thus far. He brought a winch, a lift, and lots of know-how. Here he is explaining the plan to us and laying out what we’re going to do so everyone is on the same page.

We loaded the press up very slowly and carefully with the winch and people stabilizing it on all sides. Then drove it to the Kitchen (luckily for Claire’s very small truck only a few blocks), backed it up to the from porch, winched it out of the bed and up the stairs, onto a lift, and into place! Simple, right? It only took us two days to move it a few blocks… Probably would have been much longer without the amazing help of Butch.

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